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Costa Concordia: Rock Not Charted or Erraneous Navigation


On Friday evening 13th January 2012, the cruiseliner Costa Concordia grounded near the Italian island Giglio after hitting an underwater rock. This tragic event caused various questions whether the ship was navigating too close to the shore and if the rock was properly charted.
The vessel was in touristic navigation, passing by the picturesque island Giglio. This is a manoeuvre which is done from time to time. However, this time, the vessel approached the coast with the dangerous Le Scole reef area very close. The minimum distance to the shore usually is a couple of miles. Even inhabitants of the islands made a remark of the cruiseship to be closer than usual.According to several sources, the captain of the Costa Concordia stated that the rock the ship hit was not charted. The vessel has a draught of 8.2m and sailing approximately 300m out of the shore and the rocks. The area is said to be well charted and the place is used for diving and sailing which makes it well-known.It is not completely clear where the Costa Concordia hit the rock. According to AIS sources, the vessel may have tried to navigate between two rocks with a depth of 10.3m. After the incident, the vessel navigated close to the shore, towards the harbour. When turning, the vessel made a list, which was critical looking at the shallow waters.The position is not stable on Monday 16thJanuary 2012 the Costa Concordia made a move of 9cm downwards. If this continues, for example caused by bad weather, she may even slide from the rock, potentially to a depth of 100m.Link to Original Article : http://www.hydro-international.com/news/id5284-Costa_Concordia_Rock_Not_Charted_or_Erraneous_Navigation.html

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