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Monday, December 1, 2014

Questions asked about Volvo Ocean Race boat grounding link

Team Vestas Wind informed Race Control at 1510 UTC (Nov. 29, 2014; Day 11) that their boat was grounded on the Cargados Carajos Shoals, Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean

From SailingScuttleButt Team Vestas Wind may likely have concluded their Volvo Ocean Race campaign when their boat was grounded on the Cargados Carajos Shoals in the Indian Ocean on Saturday night, November 29. With both rudders broken and water ingress into the stern compartment, it was a grim moment for skipper Chris Nicholson and his team.

View of the shoal and the Team Vestas grounded from the lagoon side of the reef image via Team Alvimedica

Sitting high on the reef, the crew waited until daylight, then stepped off the boat onto the reef, later to be transferred to a local rescue boat. Now they will stay on nearby Íle du Sud today (Nov. 30), with plans to return to the boat on Monday to remove gear and travel on Tuesday to Mauritius (Dec. 2). Click here for the incident report. Two questions are being asked. Where is Cargados Carajos Shoals and how can a professional team have this kind of accident?

Cargados Carajos with a general nautical chart on the Marine GeoGarage (UKHO)

Cargados Carajos is a group of long lying islands that are .8 square miles in area, with surrounding coral reefs.

What is says in the pilot about the Cargados Carajos shoals (NGA)… no really true if we look at the official maps (overlayed on satellite imagery).

 IN42503A (updated 25/03/2014) :  Approach ENC for Cargados Carajos Shoals (1:45,000)

They are inhabited and belong to Mauritius, an island nation 270 miles to the southwest. Mauritius is about 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of the African continent.

  zoom on the South of Cargados Carajos with the Marine GeoGarage NGA 61551 (1996 3rd ed 1996 NM 04/99) NTM based on the data from the following BA1881 chart :

extract of the BA1881 (ed 1941) UKHO chart, scale 1:121.000 from surveys by Capt Eward Belcher in 1846, HMS Samarang (soundings in fathoms) note : ‘no vessel could venture to approach its seaward face’ (with the Marine GeoGarage)

As to why Vestas Wind ran aground, Vestas Chief Marketing Officer Morten Albæk is delaying comment. “The root cause of the accident is now under investigation. (However) we obviously hope to stay in the race.” A team led by the Vestas shore crew is now en route to Mauritius to further assess the damage to the boat.

positions of Team Vestas Wind (in blue) and Team Alvimedica (in orange)
Team Alvimedica is motoring with sails down about 1.8 miles from the vicinity
of where Team Vestas Wind is grounded.

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing skipper Ian Walker was not surprised by the incident. “When we went past there we actually said how easy it would be to hit it at night. Fortunately we went through there in the daylight. It is very difficult to see it with the electronic charts, and of course at night you wouldn’t see it at all.”

Screen of the navigation software used onboard (Expedition): with C-Map charts at large scale, showing the Cargados Carajos Bank quite clearly.

Team Alvimedica, which had been near Vestas Wind at the time of the incident, was equally concerned about safely navigating through the area.

“We had been talking about these reefs for some time, so we were already pretty nervous about it,” noted Team Alvimedica navigator Will Oxley in front of Adrena software screen (see video)

Dongfeng Race Team reporter Yann Riou notes how they also had the Cargados Carajos Shoals directly in their path. “Skipper Charles Caudrelier had noticed this archipelago a few days earlier, but it’s worth noting that it’s actually pretty hard to find. In fact, to see it on our electronic charts, you have to zoom right in on top of it. But how and why would you zoom into it if you don’t know it’s there in the first place? So whilst we don’t know exactly what happened on Vestas, we can imagine how it happened.”

 C-Map charts of the grounding area displayed at a small scale :
with digital vector charts, these reefs does not show up at some zoom levels 
(at larger scale -: zoom) Who bothers to “zoom in” when you are in the middle of the ocean?

After analyzing the early information from afar, marine industry consultant and professional navigator Campbell Field provides his opinion on the incident… “Since Vestas Wind grounding there has been a huge amount of speculation and opinion as to how this happened, or who is to blame.

“It is far better to have absolutely no idea of where one is – and to know it – than to believe confidently that one is where one is not.” Jean-Dominique Cassini, astronomer 1170

“I don’t know 100% about other software packages, but Expedition routing can route freely (i.e. with no obstacles) or can be constrained by charts, or your own marks, or your own prohibited zones. Plenty of optimal route outputs run where you would have to put the wheels down. Ultimately, it is the user who defines how the routing output is run and results used. “The point I’m putting forward here is that software does not make someone a navigator. First you must be a navigator, and then know and understand the strengths and limitations of the tools you have. “When this is explained to a lot of people I meet, it is usually met with confused stares. The number of software jockeys (promoting themselves navigators) in yacht racing I have come across, who expect the answers to fall out of their computer, is astounding. Take the deck screen away from them and they couldn’t get out of the marina or find the top mark efficiently if their life depended on it. “Vestas Wind navigator Wouter Verbraak is one of the best, and firmly falls into the category of a superb yachtsman and navigator. He is one who understands the strengths and limitations of digital tools more than most will ever do. And one of the nicest guys in the sport to boot. “Mistakes happen. Just glad they are all safe and uninjured.”

A couple of hours before… (strangely prophetic)

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Video here

Yacht Salvage

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Sad story, and the actual cause is still under investigation.


Video here

Yacht Sinks

90 Foot Northern Marine Yacht Sinks at Launch


And here

She will be cleaned up and as good as new…in a few months !

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This Video is a few years old, but it is still just as powerful.

Don’t Drink and Drive. Think before you Drink.

Especially with the holidays a few weeks away.

It’s not about screwing up your own life, it’s about wrecking the lives of others. Think Before you Drink.

Click the picture and watch the Video and think about your loved one.

Dont Drink and Drive


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The US Navy You Tube channel has posted some videos of the final stages of the USS Guardian dismantling and removal.

If  you would like to see what it is like to cut up US$ 277 million of US Navy assets with a chainsaw, take a look by clicking the following pictures or links below.

EX- GUARDIAN (MCM 5) Removal - Bow

EX-GUARDIAN (MCM) Removal – Bow


EX- GUARDIAN (MCM 5) Removal - Midship hull

EX-GUARDIAN (MCM) Removal – Midship hull


EX- GUARDIAN (MCM 5) Removal - Stern

EX-GUARDIAN (MCM) Removal – Stern


Video 1 – Bow Section     – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E30RQ-0wDE

Video 2 – Midship Section – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5zUD3w9X9I

Video 3 – Stern Section    – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0RKpy3hID4

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Force Ten Weather

Next time you think you’d like to take the boat out, but you take a look out the window, and think it’s a bit breezy, and then you take a look at the sea, and you are sure you just saw a whitecap, and then you think about docking the boat back in the Marina when the wind is up, and you say well it’s just too rough to go out.

Think of these guys !

Click this link for the Video.

Safehaven Marine

This is a Boat Builders Sea Trial.

When I did an acceptance Sea Trial of my last boat, the builder gave every reason (excuse) in the world as to why “I did’nt want to take her out through the Seaway for a Sea “Sea Trial”

It will get salty !

These Pilot boats look very Salty in more ways than one.

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From SCMP.

See video simulation prepared by naval architect Dr Neville Anthony Armstrong, the expert appointed by the Comission of Enquiry into the sinking of the Lamma IV, illustrating the impact and angle of the collision of the two ferries on 1st October 2012.

Lamma IV - Sea Smooth Collision Animation

Follow this link to watch the animation on YouTube.


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Source Wikipedia.
On 17 January 2013 following a port call and fuel stop in Subic, Guardian proceeded across the Sulu Sea and entered the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park. After appearing on Park radar, at approximately 0400 hours local time Guardian was radioed a warning by park officials that the vessel had entered a restricted area. Park officials claim their lawful warning was met with disregard by Guardian, which radioed back to “bring [their] complaint to the US Embassy.” Shortly thereafter, the captain of the USS Guardian ran his vessel aground on Tubbataha Reef, about 130 kilometres (70 nmi) south east of Palawan in the Philippines. At the time of the accident the ship was travelling from Subic Bay in the Philippines to another port. The extent of any damage to the reef is unknown, but there is no evidence that fuel oil is leaking; damage to the reef has been estimated at 10 meters by the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines. The U.S. Navy evacuated all 79 crew members from the minesweeper to the USNS Bowditch and MV C Champion on 18 January. On January 19, an assessment team was deployed would plan and execute the vessel’s extraction. On January 20, 2013, the Navy Times reported the ship is taking on water in multiple places and is experiencing a slight list to port.


The comments in the article of the Park Rangers on the Reef calling the USS Guardian by Radio reminded me very much of the following………Click the picture below to play the Video……


USS Guardian


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Yeah Russel..heaps of room…


Well hang on there Russell a bit to the left mate ….

Nah the other left you daft Kiwi……


Oops…..give us me Bow back Mate !

You can see the Video of it all at




No sleep for the shore team !

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This post refers to the Argentinian Video of Fernando Zylberberg running in the Falklands capital Port Stanley. The Video punch line shown at the end  is

“To compete on English soil we train on Argentine soil.”

The universal reaction to this has been……….What a load of Bollocks !!

Personally I prefer the Spoof done by the Islanders, which is linked to below. At least they can laugh about it.

At least this time the Argentinians only invaded with a Video Camera and a silly PR stunt rather than Guns and naked aggression.

This whole thing is obviously just a PR Stunt to whip up emotions and xenophobic sentiments in the face of a worsening economic situation for Argentina and slipping popularity for Kirchner and her Government.

The Falklands are a sure fire Hot Button issue for them to ‘play’ when there is international outrage at the appropriation of Repsol YPF, in a nationalisation reminiscent of a bygone Socialist/Communist era.

It is Argentina that has chosen to stoke the fire on this matter, and it appears to the world that it is an emotional move for popularist intentions.

The simple fact is that if Argentina felt they had a case to Legally claim the Falklands Islands then they would be on the plane to the Hague to file papers with the International Court of Justice to present their case to the panel of International Judges.

Countries all over the world have chosen to do this to seek a judgement and finality in the case of a dispute over territory. The verdict is always absolute, binding and final.

So rather than playing games with Videos and fanning the flames of Argentinians emotions, the steps open to the Argentinian Government are clear. Anyone can go to the ICJ web Site and you will see a long list of cases brought to the court, many from South American countries, with details of the judgements available for public download and inspection.

Why has Argentina not done this? The answer can only be that it does not have a strong case to present. Indeed there may never have been any formal claim made to the Falklands by Argentina, whereas the UK had claimed sovereignty, and administered governance of the Islands for centuries.

Rather it seems Argentina prefers to whip up emotion and try to raise ill feeling and disadvantage to both the UK, and the people of the Falklands Islands, than to sit down, research, evaluate and present their legal claim to the ICJ and live with the final outcome.

Many others that have come to the ICJ did not get what they hoped for, but they have to accept the decision and move on. Argentina needs to move on also.

Just let Kirchner remember what happened to the last President who whipped up emotion on the Falklands. He was at the end, tried and jailed by his own countrymen. He escaped a firing squad only on appeal.

It seems he also had pressing domestic issues that were ‘forgotten’ by pressing the Hot Button topic of the Falklands.

Move on Argentina, you’re doing yourself a disservice doing stupid stunts to whip up emotions, again !

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