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This post refers to the Argentinian Video of Fernando Zylberberg running in the Falklands capital Port Stanley. The Video punch line shown at the end  is

“To compete on English soil we train on Argentine soil.”

The universal reaction to this has been……….What a load of Bollocks !!

Personally I prefer the Spoof done by the Islanders, which is linked to below. At least they can laugh about it.

At least this time the Argentinians only invaded with a Video Camera and a silly PR stunt rather than Guns and naked aggression.

This whole thing is obviously just a PR Stunt to whip up emotions and xenophobic sentiments in the face of a worsening economic situation for Argentina and slipping popularity for Kirchner and her Government.

The Falklands are a sure fire Hot Button issue for them to ‘play’ when there is international outrage at the appropriation of Repsol YPF, in a nationalisation reminiscent of a bygone Socialist/Communist era.

It is Argentina that has chosen to stoke the fire on this matter, and it appears to the world that it is an emotional move for popularist intentions.

The simple fact is that if Argentina felt they had a case to Legally claim the Falklands Islands then they would be on the plane to the Hague to file papers with the International Court of Justice to present their case to the panel of International Judges.

Countries all over the world have chosen to do this to seek a judgement and finality in the case of a dispute over territory. The verdict is always absolute, binding and final.

So rather than playing games with Videos and fanning the flames of Argentinians emotions, the steps open to the Argentinian Government are clear. Anyone can go to the ICJ web Site and you will see a long list of cases brought to the court, many from South American countries, with details of the judgements available for public download and inspection.

Why has Argentina not done this? The answer can only be that it does not have a strong case to present. Indeed there may never have been any formal claim made to the Falklands by Argentina, whereas the UK had claimed sovereignty, and administered governance of the Islands for centuries.

Rather it seems Argentina prefers to whip up emotion and try to raise ill feeling and disadvantage to both the UK, and the people of the Falklands Islands, than to sit down, research, evaluate and present their legal claim to the ICJ and live with the final outcome.

Many others that have come to the ICJ did not get what they hoped for, but they have to accept the decision and move on. Argentina needs to move on also.

Just let Kirchner remember what happened to the last President who whipped up emotion on the Falklands. He was at the end, tried and jailed by his own countrymen. He escaped a firing squad only on appeal.

It seems he also had pressing domestic issues that were ‘forgotten’ by pressing the Hot Button topic of the Falklands.

Move on Argentina, you’re doing yourself a disservice doing stupid stunts to whip up emotions, again !


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