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Remember the “Sad News – Grey Pearl lost in Fire” well some Good News has now come along out of that, as the owners have now taken delivery of their new boat Ocean Pearl.

They have gone fron a Nordhavn 62

To a Nordhavn 64

This news is actually a few months old.

Here are a few photos of them with the new boat.

Many Congratulations to them. Let’s hope they make it back to Thailand to continue their Circumnavigation or complete unfinished cruising business in Phuket !

Their Blog seems down, but this is the Link to them  Grey Pearl – http://www.greypearl.talkspot.com/

and their buddy boat Seabird that is still in Phuket  Seabird – http://www.seabirdlrc.com/aspx/m/485656/beid/332541

Read the latest entry in Seabirds Log. They say some very good things about the works they had done on Seabird at Phuket.

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