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Ocean Pearl @ Anchor

Proud Owners

For all those wondering what happened to the GREY PEARL owners, they have just crossed the North Atlantic in their Nordhavn 64 “OCEAN PEARL”

Follow their Blog at http://www.oceanpearlyacht.com/aspx/m/Ocean-Pearl-Blog

They departed St. John’s, Newfoundland in early July and arrived in Crookhaven Ireland nine days later.

Crookhaven Arrival

Arrival Crookhaven

Ocean Passage

Ocean Route

They are expected to cruise Ireland & Scotland before possibly heading further north ?

Is there a GSSR reunion on the cards ?

Ocean Pearl

Grey Pearl lives on


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Recently dropped by Yachthaven Marina in Phuket Thailand ……..

and saw some handsome Trawlers berthed there awaiting their next cruise.

First to catch my eye was an “old friend” Seabird a Nordhavn 62, looking like a brand new yacht after some serious TLC at Boat Lagoon.

Her Gelcoat and stainless steel was just sparkling in the strong Thai sunshine. She really did look fantastic. Better than many newer boats in the Marina.

She also had some interesting details for covering the engine exhaust’s in the stack whilst the owners were away overseas !

Apart from Seabird, Nordhavn were well represented, with B2 a Nordhavn 64.

That’s what you call “Tight Parking”

There was also a Nordhavn 55, Amandla.

There were also a pair of Selene’s. Firstly a very tidy Selene 53 – Storyteller V

and right beside her on the other side of the pontoon a Magnificent Selene 66 – Meeandah, shown here hiding behind B2, and making up the other half of the sandwich in that “tight parking” berth.

Lastly was the very capable and very green Northern Marine – Taipan IV

All in all quite an impressive array of Trawlers from 53 feet to over 70 feet LOA.

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Remember the “Sad News – Grey Pearl lost in Fire” well some Good News has now come along out of that, as the owners have now taken delivery of their new boat Ocean Pearl.

They have gone fron a Nordhavn 62

To a Nordhavn 64

This news is actually a few months old.

Here are a few photos of them with the new boat.

Many Congratulations to them. Let’s hope they make it back to Thailand to continue their Circumnavigation or complete unfinished cruising business in Phuket !

Their Blog seems down, but this is the Link to them  Grey Pearl – http://www.greypearl.talkspot.com/

and their buddy boat Seabird that is still in Phuket  Seabird – http://www.seabirdlrc.com/aspx/m/485656/beid/332541

Read the latest entry in Seabirds Log. They say some very good things about the works they had done on Seabird at Phuket.

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STOP PRESS………………………..STOP PRESS……………………..READ THIS.  (link to Update.)


STOP PRESS II……………………..STOP PRESS II…………………..READ THIS.  (link to Update.)

Sad to report that M/V Grey Pearl a Nordhavn 62 that AVA LON was berthed alongside in Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, was lost in a Fire when berthed at Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket in early December 2011.

I had followed the travels of Grey Pearl and her buddy vessel SEABIRD as they made their way west from the USA, and it was interesting to see them also making the trip North from Singapore to Phuket Thailand, in October 2011, and for us to be berthed alongside each other in Port Dickson, as well as stopover in Langkawi at the same time.

Here is a screen shot picture of her from my Video of the trip from Singapore to Port Dickson. On You Tube at http://tinyurl.com/7pyyvqd

Aparently she caught fire when the owners were off the boat and back in the US, with no one onboard. With the Marina staff unable to stop the fire at the berth, they managed to tow the blazing yacht out of the Marina and beach her in a nearby river. She would surely have set many other boats on fire, if left in the Marina.

Here is a photo of what was left of her after she was left to burn out over the following days.

You can read the details as provided by a local Newspaper at the following link.  http://www.phuketgazette.net/archives/articles/2011/article11631.html

Thre is also a first hand account of the events over at http://svcrystalblues.blogspot.com/

Also here is a link to the owners blog.  http://greypearl.talkspot.com/aspx/m/416338

Lastly on the subject of fire, here is a link to another blog with a description and video of a rescue from another yacht fire, this time off the east coast of the US.  http://yachtcaptainblog.com/2011/10/

Fires on boats are one of the worst case scenarios and very scary when they happen. As seen from these two incidents, once on fire, it is hard to save the yacht. Prevention is the best defence. Thankfully there were no serious injuries in either incident.

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