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Team Oracle USA

I thought that he was just full of Bull when he was spouting off about the “greatest sporting comeback”, but it seems very likely that he will do just that.

His 72ft CAT now has an extra gear over the Kiwi’s, especially upwind.

I think the Kiwi’s, like me, must have fallen into the trap of “don’t worry the odds are staked in our favour; we just need one point”

Well its nearly over. One Race. One Winner. One Loser.

Fat Lady please get ready.

The America’s Cup seems set to be ‘mainstream sports’ at least for a day.

May the best team win.

That’s still the Kiwi’s by the way.

Team Oracle USA (money no object; Larry) must have spent a fortune.

If they keep the Cup then more of the same. Next time there may only be one challenger who can afford the costs.

If the Kiwi’s win then there is a chance the sport can perhaps get back to a more even handed approach.

Come on KIWI’s !!!!!!!!


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