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A few weeks back the Indonesian Navy were cock a hoop over the launching of their “secret project”.

They, and the small shipyard in Indonesia that built her, seemed justifiably proud, as it seemed that they had stolen a march within the region with the launching of an advanced Trimaran from the design office of Lomocean Ltd of New Zealand. The ship was said to be built with composites and had a stealthly appearance. She was named the “KRI Klewang” but was not yet officially launched.

Well perhaps they should have kept it a secret a bit longer.

On the 28th September the KRI Klewang caught fire whilst undergoing fit out and comissioning by the builder. Here are a few photos of the fire.

It looks as if she was completely destroyed with only a burnt out shell left.

There are videos of the fire on You Tube here and if you are interested, of the launching  on You Tube here, and here.

It is a bit sad to see her burning with only a ramshackle fire response “team”, with no protective gear, and armed with a single hose,  and only being able to approach from downwind. They didnt have a chance.

There is also a distinct lack of a fire boat or some such other capability.  That said it doesn’t really look like a shipyard in any case.

Goodbye KRI Klewang, you were nice while you lasted.

It’s worthwhile noting that the KRI Klewang was the big sister of “Earthrace”, the boat that holds the record of the fastest trip around the world by a powerboat. Earthrace was renamed “Ady Gil” and now sits at the bottom of the Southern Ocean after being rammed by the Japanese Whalers vessel, the “Shonan Maru”, whilst sailing on a Sea Shepherd voyage, aka “Whale Wars”


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